• What is RUGShare?
    RUGShare is a tool to facilitate the promotion of your rugs over social media, and to simplify one to one communication with your customer. RUGShare makes it easy and intuitive for the recipient to customize the rug and place an order with you.
  • How to RUGShare?
    Login with your valid email address and credit code, upload a customizable rug design, and start sharing.
    If you don't have a credit code, you can buy one by pressing the Buy Credits button below.
  • Where to RUGShare?
    RUGShare enables you to reach out to your customer through multiple media. Whether it be private or public posts in Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, private messages in Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Email, RUGShare covers them all.

    Including QR codes created by RUGShare in your print media enables your users to scan the code and start customizing right from your printed catalog or advertisements too.
  • Why RUGShare?
    With convenience and low cost of ownership, you can expand your rug business to your wide social following. When your visitors see and customize your rug, they will save the order sheet and send it to you.
Open up your custom rug business to a large audience by using RUGShare. RUGShare allows you to easily post your rug designs publicly or privately in your social networks. Your followers will be able to customize the rug and place an order with you.

  With one click on your post, a visitor can view your rug design and customize it with their choice of colors, textures and construction. When they are happy with the customization, they will place an order with you.

  RUGShare costs just $10/design/month. You can use RUGShare to communicate privately with a specific customer. The amount of back and forth that is saved in communcation is alone worth the cost of RUGShare .

  With social networks becoming more popular than websites for promoting your products, RUGShare makes it easy to adopt social network marketing for your custom rug business. See your rug design become viral and bring business with it.

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† RUGShare provides a simple way to publish your designs on social media or print media. Visitors can then easily customize the colors and construction of rugs and place an order of the customized rug with you.